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Take advantage of our free hands-on trial for 60 days at no cost to you. Creating and using of calculation templates. Compiling of comprehensive digital reports. Creating and using of templates. Reports-Edition plus a flexible licensing model starting from six licenses.
Free of charge from USD $338.00 from USD $676.00 from USD $7,020.00
All features of Reports-Edition are included. Calculation and text processing functions, linked databases as well as several tools such as editors for sketches or graphic formulae. Additionially included: Hybrid-technology, state-of-the-art PDF-export, unlimited data-transfer from all software-applications via ingenious t2W-interface.  The floating license supports distributed work groups at single locations or spread over multiple offices.
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Calculation- and Textprocessing functions, linked databases as well as several tools
Numerous examples to DIN EN, SIA, PN EN, NEN EN, STN EN, MSZ EN, BS EN, AISC and ACI 
Compiling of digital reports and unlimited data-transfer from all software applications
Floating license for work groups at single locations or spread over multiple offices

Application Areas

VCmaster creates flexible, reusable and dynamically calculating documents.

VCmaster allows for combining new calculations with existing templates.

All structural analysis- and CAD-programs are seamlessly integrated into the concept.

Working with VCmaster leads to a significant time saving and safeguards valuable know-how.
Allows the compiling of templates as well as utilizing numerous prefabricated design calculations.

VCmaster Basic Edition is a reliable alternative to spreadsheets or software like MathCAD.

Smaller projects can be documented digitally.
In addition to Basic Edition it allows the compiling of comprehensive structural design calculations.

All digitally created documents can be easily edited, filed and reused for similar projects later on.
VCmaster Enterprise Edition offers a flexible software solution by including the full range of features and allowing a customizable distribution of licenses.

Enterprise licenses are centrally managed at one location, but are eligible for distribution for use at various company locations.